The Essence of ABLISS

The Essence of ABLISS

What's up guys, Josh again. I'm back to dive into the essence of ABLISS, especially as we enter a new chapter of our brand - "ABLISS, not so bliss." If you caught my last post, you know I'm all about clothing being the loudest yet silent form of expression. I firmly believe that what you wear can be a window into your personality, and one of the most powerful communicators of who you are.

Rock Bands: The Core of Our Style DNA

Growing up, I was massively influenced by the rock bands my brothers listened to - think Slipknot, Korn, System of a Down, Disturbed, and Metallica. These bands didn't just stay in the iPods; they left a life long mark on my style and thought process. The raw energy, unapologetic lyrics, and the iconic album art, all these elements are deeply embedded in the DNA of ABLISS.

Design Philosophy

At ABLISS, our designs are a tribute to this IDGAF attitude you see in many rock bands. We don't just create clothing; we craft statements. You'll see traces of these rock and metal influences throughout our collections - from rebellious lyrics to striking visuals reminiscent of album covers. Our aim is to let ABLISS graphics not just speak for themselves but also represent who you are.

ABLISS: More Than Just Clothes

ABLISS is more than a brand; it's a medium for self-expression. It's about wearing your attitude, your inspirations, your story. We want you to feel the power of being unapologetically you, every time you wear an ABLISS piece.


Thank you guys for fw the brand,