Where To Begin 

While the impacts of the fashion industry seem much larger than all of us, the first steps begin with you. We understand shopping sustainable clothing is not always accessible, but if you are more conscious on where the clothes you buy are coming from, you will begin to see the real cost of what it took to make that piece of clothing. 

Investing in Quality Clothing is Key

Investing in clothing that will last more than a couple washes: clothing that can be worn in multiple settings; clothing that will last you years and years to come. 

One quality jacket that can be worn multiple times for years - 80-100$

Having to buy a "cheap jacket" 3-4 more times a year - 160$

Stop Throwing Clothes Away

While it may seem at first like a harmless spring-cleaning procedure, throwing clothes away only leads to them being added to an endless pile of landfills that will sit for years and years to decompose, or be burned and release carbon emissions that will further harm our environment. 

Instead donate your clothes to a local center (Find a local donation center HERE), or even better - Give them to someone directly who will actually utilize the clothing. 

Support Local Sustainable Brands and Manufacturing 

Creating sustainable/ethical clothing is not a cheap process and thus many larger companies refuse to change their manufacturing patterns over greed for profit. Supporting local, sustainable, brands will help create more sustainable/ethical fashion options within our society, as well let bigger companies know that consumers actually do care about where their products are made, and how they are made. 


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