ABLISS Puts Sustainability & Ethics First 
Manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles, ABLISS works with contracted manufacturers that pay their employees anywhere from 15-20$ an hour. 
ABLISS products are made entirely from USA grown cotton.
Our products are made from a heavyweight, preshrunk, high quality cotton fabric that will keep your product looking the same regardless of 1 wash, or 30. 
We use water based natural dyes and printing methods that do not release toxins or harsh chemicals into water. 
Polyester is rarely used due to its harmful environmental impact, and if absolutely necessary, recycled polyester is utilized. 
Our shipping bags are made from compostable material to reduce waste even in the packaging process. 
Utilizing a 'Pre-Order' production style, we reduce our waste to ensure our products go directly from production to customer, and not having excess products to add to landfills.